Category Topics

Nursery Reef

This is the area of the community dedicated to welcoming new members and helping you find your way around. We will explain how things work, how you grow and develop as a community member and how you can access the other parts of the community. Please say “hello” and let us know a bit about yourself.

Finance Reef

This is an area specifically to help with any finance issues or queries you might have. This area has everything from how to raise funding, grant applications, choosing an accountant and finance software as well as tips and tricks around managing cashflow, getting contracts and tax/PAYE.

Legal Reef

This area of the community is to try and help with any legal issues you might have such as types of social enterprise legal structures, how to set up your board, contracting issues and dealing with debt issues. We aren’t lawyers but lots of us will have faced the same sort of challenges that you are facing.

Agony Aunt Reef

This is a section where anyone can ask an anonymous question. All you have to do is message any of the Angelfish Team and we will post the question for you. We will give our best advice and other members are free to add in their advice as well.
Send a message to @Dave @Rei @Claire @Ayla @Ben

Coral Reef

This is the area of the community where you can just kick back, relax and generally socialise with other members of the community.