Can anyone recommend a good business bank account?

We are looking to open up a business bank account and would love to know if anyone has any recommendations? Good or bad experiences and all advice is welcome.

Hi Sally,

I can only talk about my experience and it was generally pretty frustrating. Some of the brands who advertise the most widely have had some of the worst service and I had particular problems with Starling and Tide who both kept asking for more and more information each day and took ages to finally make a decision. They promised decisions in hours but they actually took weeks before finally turning us down. I would definitely avoid using Starling and Tide.

The three banks I have had the easiest time setting up business accounts with over the years are Lloyds (who are the bank for the Angelfish Community CIC), Monzo and Cashplus.

We use the Cooperative Bank

What i would say is if it’s important to you to have a branch, look at what is available on your nearest high street and do your research on those. However we have never used a branch in 10 years (we never had one close enough) and any payments in we can use the post office, which is 5 minutes from our office

We found Natwest a very simple and quick application process plus they gave us free accountancy software called Free agent with the account which has been great.