Creating a new team of associates

Dear friends,
I am in the process of putting a team of associates together to enable us to bid together for work in organisations, I went through a similar process years ago for my previous company, creating a team of coaches and mentors, but it was all organised as a group workshop, face to face, and quite intensive. I wonder how I could do this differently.
Looking for a pragmatic, short and solid process to put together a team or 4 - 5 people with complementary skills… I have some thoughts jotted down but I am very open to ideas.
What would you think about if you were to organise a team of freelance associates?

not sure there’s anything below that’s “off the top of my head” that you won’t already have been thinking about, but hopefully hearing from others will help validate your initial gut feelings:

  • ask for summary feedback as to how people would approach delivering a case study brief. And then get them to critique each others’ responses (anonymously and anonymised)
  • pick a relatively short psychometric profiling test - ask people to do it and then reflect on the outcome
  • get people to list where they’re usually ‘deployed’ as associates elsewhere
  • ask people for stories of where they’ve been part of teams of associates before - how did they approach this, any frustrations, any joy moments, etc

hopefully something useful in the above.

(And as an associate of several bodies already, including in various different and varied roles, always happy to throw my hat in a ring for consideration; if nothing else, putting myself through a process helps me as part of my wider personal CPD framework…)


Good points in there. Thanks a lot!
The conundrum is that I need (among others) people who have the psychometrics analysis skillset… but thinking about it, I can be creative around that.
Refining and keeping you all in the loop!

There are probably more people in your network that have specific psychometric qualifications and experience than you realise as that might not be something that they particularly emphasise, e.g. on LinkedIn.

As an example, I am a trained Myers Briggs MBTI Assessor and have been doing Myers Briggs assessments on teams and individuals for 16 years but I don’t generally mention it on my CV, organisational profile or on LinkedIn. Similarly my coach is trained in a few psychometric tools but she doesn’t particularly mention them on her profile.

If there are specific psychometric tools that you want to add to your team, I would probably ask on social media or through networks if there is anyone who has those specific skills.

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In terms of a short process, maybe start with a few (2 or 3) associates that you are already thinking of and have a quick meeting (virtual or face to face) to map out what skills you have and explicitly what skill gaps you are looking for. I sometimes use the JLA Skill Cards for this and you can adapt the process for a small group or team (JLA skill cards - John Lees Associates), Hope that helps.

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Thanks, good point. I would look at the person from a mindset, network reach, associateship approach and beliefs, availability, boundaries, first and then only look at particular toolkits, and how we all flow together indeed. It’s not just the assessment / psychometric tools that i am looking for in someone, but also the style they are coaching or working with people (individuals and teams) into making sense of the results, how they apply other approaches in combination, etc. And that can differ larger from person to person… Thanks a lot everyone for the tips and guidance!

Love this very much, thanks Dave!

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Hi Servane. When I’m hiring for my team I tend to look at the 4 C’s - Competence, Chemistry, Character, Calling. If they are passionate about the work, have a great character, work well with the rest of the team, and know their shit, then they’re a shoe in!

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I like that, @StevieH .
This is what I went for in the meetings I run for this project. I paid attention to their ability to meet, translate and align with what I am creating, through their work and in their own way, whilst having their own impact objectives.
To the four C’s , have added a 5th one, Compensation! :slight_smile: