Frequently asked questions about the grant application process

How do I apply for the £3,000 grant?
We have had a few enquiries and I thought it would help to explain how the investment process works. If you are a full member of Angelfish then you can post a pitch for funding in the Investment Reef (this area) and in January the whole community of full members will vote on who gets the £3,000 grant.

When is the deadline for applications?
The deadline is Friday 28th January but we strongly advise people to post before the deadline so that community members can make suggestions and ask questions about the pitch.

What do I need to include in the pitch?
We recommend including the following:

  • an outline of your idea,
  • what problem you want to solve,
  • what your solution is,
  • how you will make it happen and
  • how you will measure its impact.

Can I get feedback about my idea?
Of course and we would recommend asking the whole community for feedback. It is them that make the decisions not us :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any other questions and we will try and answer them.

Can I email you my idea?

Do you fund any social entrepreneurs up in Scotland?

Hi Reynash, we would rather people posted their idea directly to the Investment Area so that the whole community can help you with the idea. The decision will be made by community vote rather than us as well.

Indeed we do Aimee and welcome to the community :slight_smile: