Grant (or Sponsorship) Operational Funding for CIC looking to develop new Database

Where would you go for a grant or sponsorship supporting a CIC that needs an IT/Database set up, development, data migration (from old db) and training to help the staff use this new database?
Looking on behalf of a CIC (by guarantee) in the East of England. (So, charity-focused grants unlikely to cut it…)
Am aware it is a very niche ask…! :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @Servane , I am always happy with niche asks :grinning:

My first thoughts are as follows and happy to have any other suggestions from the Hive Mind:

  1. The easiest solution might be if someone provides this for free so that they don’t need to raise any money. There may be an IT provider or a large corporate that has a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) arm that may provide a free database solution and some training and support. For example Salesforce has a formal program to give social enterprises and charities some free licences of their database at the Salesforce Foundation

  2. If that doesn’t work it probably depends on how much money they need. A new database solution could be free (there are some good open source ones out there like MySQL and some of these. If you have more time than money then open source solutions are good and there are a lot of free tutorials out there and free support communities.

  3. If they need to pay for it then there are some small grants around but now is a particularly difficult time for grant applications. Most are earmarked for Covid-19 support but the best way to see what is currently available is at

Hope that helps and happy to provide any follow up advice.


I have been using Interns and have just posted an advert today for one to do something similar to what you require.
I only work about 12 hrs in my CIC so I can’t supervise a full time intern, but I have previously had an intern for 5hrs per week for 10 weeks and now I have 2 for 10hrs per week.
They have been hugely valuable and I am trying to give them as many opportunities to get experience in different things.

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Hey. Have you looked at the Government apprenticeship schemes? We have apprentices who do some great work, with the added benefit of them being able to be around for longer than a typical intern - which enables them to become really invested in the organisation. Just a thought, as a lot of the costs might be covered by various schemes,