Sketch artist

I am looking for a sketch artist to do a sketch for me for a project.
I have never done this before, does anyone have knowledge on how to approach this? I.e. where to find someone, how sketch art is priced, are there any good websites you know?

There is an iPhone app called NewProfilePic which creates really good sketches for free based on photographs. It may be worth trying first. The following is an image that it produced.

There are a bunch of places you can find commission artists online, social media can be a good place but if you’re looking to narrow your search the website deviantart is devoted to artists posting their work.

Typically if you want to commission someone it’s as simple as sending them a direct message or email. Once you’ve found someone who’s style you like you message them with a clear offer of commission (e.g “Hi I really like your work, would you be interested in a paid commission and if so what would be your rates for X?”).

Rates vary from artist to artist and it depends what you want from them in terms of size, quality etc. There’s also often a premium if the commission will be used for business purposes. It’s very important to confirm you’ll be receiving the commercial licence or copyright from the artist, as otherwise you won’t legally have the right to use it for business purposes like advertising.