Snappy Business Name?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, apologies if not.
I’m wondering how people have come up with good business names? I have quite a few ideas but I’m struggling to come up with names that are catchy but still summarise my ideas well.

IMO, a lot of it is dependant on what your main theme and thing is.
Sometimes I find asking friends etc to be useful because I’ve had my head in the idea for so long that it’s become it’s own thing, but other people are usually reaching for similies, parallels or metaphors to compare it to so their brain randomly links to things that “feel” right and things that have no obvious link will often gel well together.
“Wolfhound” was one that my girlfriend came up with recently that struck home nicely for me but that was for a programming project.
One of the other things that can work well is taking a simple word and mutating it a little to make it have a certain “internet/tech” feel (e.g. tumblr, digg, lyft).
But again, I find there’s a lot of “can’t see the wood for the trees” with naming something (I’m also not creative like that which doesn’t help).

I often come up with a great business name at the pub with a few friends. Sometimes a really funny or stupid name will then inspire some creativity and you come up with the perfect one :slight_smile:

@Louise may I ask? What is the “struggling” exactly about?