Welcome to the Coral Reef

This is the area of the community where you can just kick back, relax and generally socialise with other members of the community.

Hi, just popping here to see what this area of the site is for.

Hi Sally.

Great to see you in here. This area of the site is for people to hang out and socialise in, find out more about each other and generally build the community that is Angelfish! As more folks join the community this will become a place for sharing, and (I hope) some rather spectacular memes :wink:

Hope you’re having a great monday!


Excellent space, love the name!


Thanks and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

So did everyone have a good Bank Holiday weekend? :sunglasses:

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It was good, thanks Sally! I had an arts market on the Saturday (I’m a potter in my spare time), and then headed to see a friend on the Monday. It flew by though :joy:

Hope you had a good one?

If only we were actually gazing out over coral reefs, hey!

@Clare: Mahalo nui! Who is to say that a little later on when we adapt to a new normal, that AngelFish will not be hosting a strategic gathering, open to its members of course, overlooking the beautiful reefs of Bora Bora Tahiti (go big or forever stay house-bound ay?)


Can I put myself down for that Meetup? :sunglasses:

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:sunglasses: :mask: :nerd_face: (management team: thnx for an easy to navigate platform)

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Thank you - we very much appreciate that :grinning:

I really like this idea, it’s nice to have a space to chat to other people and let off steam :slight_smile: